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Jelly Bear Hair

Gummies vitamins for hair - yummy form of hair care! Essence of beautiful hair!

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Revolutionary form - yummy gummies!

Hair care was never so enjoyable!

Do you have enough of swallowing large, uncomfortable pills?

Take a look at Jelly Bear Hair, which has the form of delicious orange gummies. Combine the pleasant with the useful and have beautiful hair!

Only 3 kcal

Jelly Bear Hair Complex solution for your hair renewal!


The bad condition of hair is caused by insufficient care or external factors. Fortunately, Jelly Bear Hair contains as much as 500% of recommended daily dose of biotin, as well as 12 other ingredients that will take care of your hair health..


100% recommended dose of copper will put the color and glow of your hair under full protection and you will no longer have to worry about your matt hair.


13 nutrients are vitamins for hair that have a beneficial effect on their general condition - each ingredient contains at least 100% of daily value (DVs)!




Biotin helps to keep
healthy hair.



Niacin helps to keep healthy skin.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps to protect cells from oxidative stress.



Zinc helps to keep
healthy hair.



Selenium helps to keep
healthy hair.



Copper helps maintain proper pigmentation of the hair. It affects it's color and brilliance..


Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to keep healthy skin.

*% RDIs - Reference Daily Intakes


Everyday in my salon, clients ask what dietary supplements to use so that their hair have all the vitamins and minerals they need. Clients also ask which product will allow them to get rid of hair faster or to rebuild their structure. I recommend, in my opinion the most pleasant form that are gummies Jelly Bear Hair. This is the complex care that my clients loved!  

Rafael Bassano hairdresser Trichologist
fryzjer podpis

Real customers

Real results

I have been dying my hair since teenage years, and I've often been supporting dietary supplements, but never had the expected results. Jelly Bear Hair were recommended to me by my hairdresser. I liked the form - vitamins for hair in gummies! After 1 package you can see difference - hair is shiny, I see new babyhair and they are easier to arrange!  

Agnes, 31 years old Trusted Opinion

Due to hormonal therapy my hair is weakened, fall out and break. My visit to a trichologist and expensive products ware not enough - they only emptyed my wallet. At Jelly Bear Hair I hit accidentally on the internet forum. I bought without much hope. And what was my surprise! Hair loss has decreased, they are better to arrange and their natural glow came back! Shock!  

Marti, 22 years old Trusted Opinion

I am working as a model and great appearance is the foundation of my profession. There is tremendous pressure to always look good. I don't always have time for perfect hair styling, but healthy and nourished hair thanks to Jelly Bear Hair always look great even without long hours of styling. They are also a form of delicious snack for me!  

Well-known Model Trusted Opinion

I'm a young mom and after I stopped breast-feeding my hair began to fall out abundantly. Every young mother knows that it is not easy to take care of herself and her baby, and about the hairdresser's visit you can forget. I found Jelly Bear Hair and couldn't resist their form - I love gummies! In addition, after the first pack I noticed a markedly less hair loss, and long not dyed hair gained shine, until my colleagues asked what dye do I use :) 10/10  

Angel26 Trusted Opinion
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Quantity of eaten gummies


    Jelly Bear Hair is a diet supplement in the form of adult gummies. Its ingredience have a positive effect on the hair - it will be appreciated by any person who wishes to have healthy, beautiful and shiny hair.

    Jelly Bear Hair - Ingredients

    Nutrients in daily serving
    (2 gummies)

    Biotin250 μg(500% RDIs*)
    Vitamin E24 mg(200% RDIs*)
    Thiamine2.2 mg(200% RDIs*)
    Vitamin B62.8 mg(200% RDIs*)
    Niacin32 mg(200% RDIs*)
    Pantothenic acid12 mg(200% RDIs*)
    Folic acid400 μg(200% RDIs*)
    Vitamin B125 μg(200% RDIs*)
    Zinc10 mg(100% RDIs*)
    Vitamin A800 μg(100% RDIs*)
    Copper1 mg(100% RDIs*)
    Manganese2 mg(100% RDIs*)
    Selenium55 μg(100% RDIs*)

    * - Reference Daily Intakes

    Super Ingredients are the basis of beautiful hair with JellyBearHair

    60 gummies


    30 days of usage

    of care
    for your hair
    100% sure composition

    Certain composition you can trust!

    We have made every effort to maintain maximum safety with maximum efficiency.
    It's important to us!

    Jelly Bear Hair is:

    - a way for healthy and shiny hair

    - in-depth nutrition of each hair

    - a method for rapid hair growth

    Take care of the health and beauty of your hair
    – fall in love with them again!


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